Latest Trends In Kitchen Designs

The world has come a long way from homes being nothing more than a shelter to man. In the modern era, homes often make a statement about the people who live in it, just as a person’s dressing style reflects her personality. Hence, it is no wonder that people spend a lot of time and effort making their homes just perfect. The kitchen has evolved from being the mysterious hidden place where the food is prepared and delivered to the guests to a place that is as attractive and welcoming as the living room itself, merging easily with the rest of the house. Hence, the popularity of streamlined designs, hidden appliances and cleverly concealed charging ports for the modern smart devices, which successfully combine style and functionality. The year 2017 favors smart innovative ideas in designing kitchen spaces.

The Color Factor

Choosing the proper design can provide a soothing influence in an otherwise active area crowded with devices, appliances and an assortment of objects in all sizes and shapes. This could be the reason for the popularity of white and grey colors that continue to dominate the popularity chart. Paler hues for the cabinets and walls that make the kitchen appear more spacious and bright are still in great demand. However, a bold splash of color in the countertop or the kitchen backsplash tile is becoming less uncommon. From serene light blue or quartz pink to daring lime green or even orange, countertops that grab the attention add to a festive spirit and radiate an energizing influence.

Kitchen tiles

The timeless appeal of wood to man’s aesthetic appeal continue undiminished even into the twenty first century. However, while the beauty of wood is undeniable, the durability and ease of use of artificial materials have caused many house owners to pass it on with regret. Nevertheless, the tile industry has found the perfect answer with the new wood-look tiles. The narrow plank like look gives a worn out appearance very similar to the natural wood and radiates comfort and warmth. Classic ceramic is also expected to make a comeback in 2017 among the various favorite kitchen tiles Singapore.

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. The latest designs and trends are focused towards making this an attractive as well as functional space that achieves a combination of style, comfort and practicality. Whether you want a rustic looking kitchen with wood tiles or the sleek contemporary style, the choices are seemingly unlimited.