Important Facts on Non Invasive Fat Removal Treatment

The term non-invasive refers to skin treatments that are operated through the skin without inserting needles or cutting it. Technology has given so many advanced treatment options these days and the breakthroughs are remarkable for non invasive fat reduction. Such treatments work with radiofrequency energies and a combination of laser or ultrasound energy; it directly simulates rejuvenation in human skin with natural reduction in circumference of the body.

Need of Multiple Treatments:

Patients usually need four to six treatment sessions as required by the body. One session takes about 20 to 60 minutes and the results lasts for a longer duration. If patients are able to maintain healthy routines then it naturally helps to extend the intended results for a longer period of time. Experts advise patients to follow proper diet routines, exercises and eat healthy food so that results can retain on your body for longer.

Types of Treatments available:

A few basic details about non invasive fat reduction treatments and the different types available are given below:

  1. Thermage:

This non invasive technique utilizes radio frequency energy for the contraction and tightening of collagen fibres that are present deep inside our skin. It helps to reduce fat and this treatment has been advised for wrinkles as well as cellulite reduction.

  1. Cryolipolysis:

Cryolipolysis makes use of the cold to permanently kill excessive fats. This advanced fat freezing process helps to destroy unwanted fat cells without causing any harm to skin. This therapy is approved by the FDA for body fat reduction and all clinical trials until now have shown amazing results.

  1. LipoSonix:

In this treatment, experts make use of high intensity ultrasound waves that can help to melt or warm unwanted body fat. This melted fat is then filtered out of body and is expelled from the body through bodily processes such as urination. LipoSonix is recommended for adipose tissue but it is under the development stage, so it is still in the process of seeking FDA approval. It is observed that LipoSonix can remove about 2 to 3 inches fat within a single session and results are long lasting.

  1. Ultra Shape:

The Ultra Shape non surgical treatment works by using a blast away concept on targeted fat area but never causes any harm to surrounding skin. It is believed to remove about 4 centimeters or 1 ½ inches of body fat with a single treatment and is termed as one of the most effective solutions for body contouring.

  1. VelaShape:

VelaShape is an advanced procedure that makes use of light energy with radio frequencies in order to shrink unwanted fatty acids from tissues and helps to re-contour them. It can remove up to a ½ inch of body fat at once whereas if treatment is combined with the vacuum roller, the results are far better. It can assure the fast burning of fat cells without any side effects.