Mosaic floor cleaning tips

Mosaic floor is very common in houses in the urban areas. Mosaic has a rich history. It came into fashion as a floor and wall decor quite some time back and is still considered to be classic choice of decoration for booth indoor and outdoor decoration. However, one problem with mosaic is that it tends to wear off easily. Hence it is very important that mosaic floors are maintained well and taken proper care.

Cleaning mosaic floor is a simple three steps process:

Using the vacuum cleaner: there is a tendency of debris accumulating between the mosaic tiles of your floor. Hence it is important that you use the vacuum cleaner regularly to clean the debris that accumulates in the joints.

Using proper cleaning material: there are many cleaning liquids and mixtures that are available in the market for cleaning your mosaic floor. However, it is important that you choose the correct liquid that will not harm the mosaic tiles. Using a mixture of soap and warm water is also good for cleaning mosaic floor.

Cleaning it like a tile: Using the correct cleaning brush is also important for cleaning while cleaning. One must ensure that the brush used is not too harsh on the surface and does not leave scratches and marks.

Mosaic tiles in Singapore and in other parts of the world must be taken care of in this manner.

Tips to clean mosaic floors:

Whether you are having mosaic tiles in Singapore or in any other part of the world, there are some universal tips that one must follow while cleaning mosaic floors:

Using sealant regularly: It is a major part of maintain the mosaic tiles. Using sealant is damp areas like the bathroom or outdoors is a must so that the mosaic floor does not wear off easily.

Using soapy water: there are many chemical products that are available in the market, but wiping the floor with soapy water is the best way to keep the mosaic tiles clean.

Cleaning grout regularly: grout attracts all kinds of dirt. Hence one major concern should be keeping your mosaic floor grout free. This will not allow mould to build up.

Avoid acid: never clean your mosaic floor with any acidic substance as it is corrosive for the mosaic floor and can wear it off easily.

Hence by following these steps and tips you can easily maintain your mosaic floor.

158. Cover up your homes bad plaster with wallpapers

Cover up your home’s bad plaster with wallpapers

If you find that the walls of your home have not been plastered properly or if there are imperfections on the walls, you may not want others to know about it. But you may not be able to spend money for getting the walls re-plastered or getting them repaired. At the same time, you may be obsessed with the imperfections on the walls of your home. The only way to ensure that others do not notice them is to cover the walls using wallpapers. Especially, textured wallpapers or lining papers can be ideal for accomplishing this aim. The following points should be borne in mind while attempting to do this.

1. You should carefully avoid using shiny wallpapers or those with a reflective finish because the imperfections on the walls will be visible even after covering them with these wallpapers.

2. While buying them, ensure not to buy those with different batch numbers. Remember that there will be a few variations in the rolls with different batch numbers.

3. Though there are a number of wallpaper singapore companies, not all of them can be assumed as reputed. In fact, finding a good company needs a good amount of research though the availability of good suppliers cannot be considered a rarity. This means you must make efforts to do a proper research. These days you have the Internet to help you. If you visit the websites of the companies and go through the testimonials or reviews written by their past customers, you will get a fair idea about the suppliers you must shortlist.

Once you have shortlisted a few wallpaper companies in Singapore, you must do further research for zeroing in on the right supplier. A reputed supplier will send their officials or experts to your place so they will conduct an inspection and suggest how you can get the imperfections on your walls covered. They will suggest to you the right wallpapers of the right color and texture and the ones that have been made with the right materials.

4. Though cost is an important factor, you must not be very strict about it. Remember that you are making a considerable saving by not getting your walls re-plastered or repaired. Instead, you are getting them covered by appropriate wallpapers. In this context, showing your stinginess in buying high-quality wallpapers may work against your efforts of hiding the issues with your walls. You should therefore judiciously strike a balance between quality and cost and choose the best wallpapers that come at affordable costs.

Latest Trends In Kitchen Designs

The world has come a long way from homes being nothing more than a shelter to man. In the modern era, homes often make a statement about the people who live in it, just as a person’s dressing style reflects her personality. Hence, it is no wonder that people spend a lot of time and effort making their homes just perfect. The kitchen has evolved from being the mysterious hidden place where the food is prepared and delivered to the guests to a place that is as attractive and welcoming as the living room itself, merging easily with the rest of the house. Hence, the popularity of streamlined designs, hidden appliances and cleverly concealed charging ports for the modern smart devices, which successfully combine style and functionality. The year 2017 favors smart innovative ideas in designing kitchen spaces.

The Color Factor

Choosing the proper design can provide a soothing influence in an otherwise active area crowded with devices, appliances and an assortment of objects in all sizes and shapes. This could be the reason for the popularity of white and grey colors that continue to dominate the popularity chart. Paler hues for the cabinets and walls that make the kitchen appear more spacious and bright are still in great demand. However, a bold splash of color in the countertop or the kitchen backsplash tile is becoming less uncommon. From serene light blue or quartz pink to daring lime green or even orange, countertops that grab the attention add to a festive spirit and radiate an energizing influence.

Kitchen tiles

The timeless appeal of wood to man’s aesthetic appeal continue undiminished even into the twenty first century. However, while the beauty of wood is undeniable, the durability and ease of use of artificial materials have caused many house owners to pass it on with regret. Nevertheless, the tile industry has found the perfect answer with the new wood-look tiles. The narrow plank like look gives a worn out appearance very similar to the natural wood and radiates comfort and warmth. Classic ceramic is also expected to make a comeback in 2017 among the various favorite kitchen tiles Singapore.

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. The latest designs and trends are focused towards making this an attractive as well as functional space that achieves a combination of style, comfort and practicality. Whether you want a rustic looking kitchen with wood tiles or the sleek contemporary style, the choices are seemingly unlimited.