Types Of Facial Treatments According To Your Skin

A Singapore facial treatment is the best method for rejuvenating your skin. A facial treatment is also effective in toning the skin and reducing acne. Thus your skin will become glowing and beautiful with the help of facials. It is also essential that the facial treatment must suit your skin; otherwise it can lead to harsh consequences. 

  1. Normal to oily skin:-

If your skin is oily, then you should not choose a facial that includes usage of moisturizer or creams. As oily skin is super sensitive, your beautician should work carefully on you. The mask will help in removing excess oils, shrinking the pores and making your skin soft. The facials suitable for oily skin are the following:-

  • Silver facial:-

This facial will lead to detoxification and purification of your skin. It contains a pack, cream, gel and a glow scrub that will nourish your dull skin. It will also prevent your skin from blackheads.

  • Pearl facial:-

It is the best facial for the people who suffer from oily skin. Your skin will look as bright as pearl as the facial is effective in eliminating tan. You will also get a smooth, even tone with this facial.

  1. Normal to dry skin:-

Nourishing creams are an appropriate choice for dry skin. You can also use moisturizers to nurture your skin. It would be better if you will avoid facials that include harsh scrubs, as it will increase the dryness of your skin. The facials that will suit your dry skin are:-

  • Plant stem cell facial:-

It is helpful in restoring your skin and giving it a youthful texture. The plant stem cell facial involves an exfoliator, serum, mask, cream and an under-eye gel. It can also reduce signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines etc., by stimulating the cellular regeneration procedure in the skin.

  • Classic facial:-

This facial begins with cleansing, toning and massage. The massage can be done either by using gadgets or hands. After this, the protection coverage and mask is applied on your face. The facial is performed in a particular direction. The whole process is completed in one hour.

  1. Combination skin:-

The beautician must handle this skin with great care as it has oily as well as dry tissues. The massage is given to the dry portion of the skin after cleansing. The toning is done by utilizing a rose-based skin tonic. You can opt for the facials given below for your combination skin.

  • Gemstone facial:-

As its name suggests, the natural energy of the gemstones is used for treating skin problems. The different gems have different properties. The gem therapy will detoxify your skin and remove blemishes. Firstly, the gemstone is crushed to fine powder and then mixed with aromatherapy essences and vitamin-rich oils to improve your skin tone.

  • Platinum facial:-

The amazing anti-oxidant effects of the platinum facial will help retain the youthful properties of your skin. It is also useful in maintaining the required moisture level in your skin. This facial will also strengthen the supportive tissues of your skin. The whole facial will be done in around 45 minutes.